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Learn form the comfort of your home,

with your guitar and gear.

All you need is a webcam, your guitar,

gear and Skype or Zoom.

After each lesson you will be provided with all the additional material needed for anything covered on the lesson, in PDF, WAV and/or MP4 format.

What students say

"My lessons with George not only dramatically improved my guitar playing and my overall musicianship, but also helped me understand how to connect with my instrument and 'speak' through it."

Dimitris Radis

"George managed to extend my musical perception with blues-funk-jazz elements that I 

totally ignored before. 
Although I remained a sworn heavy metal guitarist, the knowledge that he transferred to me is still extremely significant and changed my vision and understanding of the instrument. "

Stamatis Syrakos


my teaching approach

One thing I've learnt throughout my tutoring experience is that each student has different goals, and his/her unique needs when it comes to the way that he/she

understands a new information.

My teaching approach focuses on personalizing the lessons so that you can easily understand the fundamentals, function and use of everything that you learn

or already know in music and guitar.

My goal is to provide you with all the tools needed

so that you can understand the music that you love, 

freely express yourself through the instrument and

ultimately reach your goals regardless of

your level or your musical preferences.

Get a detailed look on the topics that I can help you with, by letting me know your playing level

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To book your lesson and check availability and pricing,

fill in the contact form below and I will respond

as soon as possible.

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