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So you know your scales, arpeggios, chords and might have even built a great technique. You might be already working as a professional musician and/or teacher. You may have accomplished most of your musical goals but you want to push yourself to the next level. You know your goal but you cannot find a way to use the stuff you know in a creative way that will help you

"find the way out of this musical plateau". 

You 're in a phase of the music and guitar playing journey 

that not many have experienced and are able to understand .

Turning all the knowledge and experience you've gained through years of practicing, playing and even working, into tools of achieving creative and expressive freedom or even tools that will help you reach

new professional milestones is not a simple task.
In fact it is a field of practice itself.

The most common price for not having the right guidance at this stage is

mainly dissatisfaction and disappointment.
I know that I can save you from both, the same way I did with many advanced players and teachers I've had as students, no matter what your 

genre of interest is.

I know that my - constantly updating - guitar method can help you achieve your goals and properly set you up for success if you really want to take your

playing to the next level. 


 So if you want to :


  • Master all the needed techniques for the modern guitarist like legato, economy, hybrid, sweepingselective picking, swybridtapping, alternate and the mindset behind each one of those so you can creatively used them,

  • Learn how to maximize your playing speed

  • Dive into the advanced side of functional and modal harmony,

  • Learn and master the use of symmetrical scalesmelodic minor and it's modes,

  • Explore or improve your understanding of polyrhythms, polymeters and techniques to use them as compositional and guitar playing tools,

  • Advance your chord scale mindset so that you take your improvisation skills to the next level,
  • Learn and master the extended and quartal chords, and how they function so you can use them correctly on any musical environment regarding the musical style,
  • Advance your knowledge of orchestration,

  • Learn how to target the chord tones of any chord and manipulate it's extensions so that create unique melodies,

So if you want to become the best guitarist that you can be,

Fill in the contact form below to book our first lesson and

let the journey begin!

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