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Being a beginner guitarist isn't easy.

The urge to learn your favourite instrument while being exposed to this stream of endless information not yet being able to know what's the right or wrong way to go, can be
REALLY frustrating (to say the least).

You might got your first chords down or even maybe your first pentatonic scale and a couple of easy riffs or songs, but you've got no idea what to do

with those and why

"it still doesn't sound like it".

Don't worry! We've all been there.
Personally, as a self taught for the first 4 years of my guitar playing, I know exactly what this chaotic, yet intriguing view you're staring at looks like.

The most common price for not having the right guidance throughout this journey, is wasted time and disappointment.
I can definitely save you from both, the same way I did with many students from 2010 until now, no matter what your genre interest is.

I know that my - constantly updating - guitar method can help you achieve your goals and properly set you for success if you really want to take your

playing to the next level.  


    So if you want to :


  • Build a proper technique that will shape your sound, help you play your favourite songs easier and save you from potential injuries,

  • Build your phrasing toolbox of techniques like bendings, vibrato, slides, legato and more,so you can sound like a pro, 

  • Not only learn the arpeggios and scales but how to use them like

your guitar heros do,

  • Learn the chords, how to move smoothly from one another and different ways to use them regarding the musical style,

  • Learn what's the most effective and time saving way to build a practice routine that suits you,

  • Explore the foundations of rhythm and timing, so that you can unlock one of the most important aspects of rhythm, lead guitar playing and music in general,

  • Learn what is the pro's way of approaching a song they want to learn,

  •  Learn techniques that will help you discover the art of improvisation,

  • Learn the music theory and harmony basics in the most understandable and applicable way so you can identify why the music that you like sounds so good, and why not even use these information to begin your own course on songwriting,

So if you want to become the best guitarist that you can be,

Fill in the contact form below to book our first lesson and

let the journey begin!

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